Low budget indoor grow setup

I’ve been growing for over 20 years indoors – at times with a large personal budget to blow on whatever gear I wanted and other times poor as dirt and needing to watch every penny. It’s great to be able to get the “top of the line” everything – even if you don’t end up with the best, you’ll probably still end up with something pretty awesome. This newsletter is going to focus on the budget setup, when you really want to have a kick-ass setup but need to do it on the cheap. I’m going to include some links to equipment that I CURRENTLY USE but there are MANY other manufacturers that also offer exceptional equipment at a low price – I don’t make any money off of this – I just wanted to share a sample setup to give you an idea of what’s possible.

Here’s what you need:

  • A grow space you can make completely dark, uninterrupted for 12 hours/day
  • A light for every 25 square feet of space (approximately)
  • An exhaust fan
  • A filter (if you need to control smell)
  • Ventilation fans
  • Grow Bags (or whatever)

Grow Space – someplace you can make completely dark for when you flower. I like grow tents. Here’s a perfectly adequate 4×4 for $100 – https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071Z67JMT/

Grow Light – I’ve purchased a couple of these Chinese lights that have the same components as the HLG 550V2r. You can get these for about $250 + about $75 shipping – https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Kingbrite-Pre-wired-connected-hlg-550_62029135325.html

Exhaust Fan and filter – This is a combo that includes the fan, the filter, the ducting, AND a speed controller for the fan for $100 –

Grow Bags – Here’s a 3 gallon 10 pack for $20 – https://www.amazon.com/Gardzen-10-Pack-Gallons-Aeration-Handles/dp/B07CTC1ZV4/

That’s really all you need. After purchasing some high quality dirt and whatever nutrients you like, you’ll probably be at about $600 or so – less than half the cost of many of the lights being pushed by the LED companies. All of the links above are merely suggestions of what is possible – I don’t want anyone holding off on starting a grow because they think they need thousands of dollars – you can do it for pretty damn cheap. Everything I’ve linked above is stuff I actually use so I know it will work for you too.

Peace, KB

1 thoughts on “Low budget indoor grow setup

  1. bubbacusion says:

    You’re absolutely right katsu..I’ve had both too,ability to buy mostly what I wanted,and others making do..but that set up you’ve put together at that cost will no doubt produce some damn nice runs..the tech is so decent now..and the knockoffs are some serious thorns in the sides of companies like hlg..as they can’t sue for basically copying..great suggestions ✌️

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