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I started dabbling with growing in the early ’90s. I brought some seeds back from Amsterdam, bought a Phototron (LOL), and was off to the races. At the time, getting information about growing was difficult, and getting strains that were any good was just a matter of throwing darts at the board and hoping for the best.

By the late ’90s, I had discovered CannabisWorld and OverGrow sites on the Internet, cautiously venturing into these “taboo” sites to suck up much-needed information on how to properly grow. It was a different climate (people were scared) and it was the first time that people with a passion for cannabis were able to meet other real heads from all over the world with a similar love. It was here that I discovered C-Bay (the best seed auction site EVER) and Heavens Stairway (the seed bank running c-bay) and started getting a steady supply of beans from mom and pop operations with a huge variety of strains with completely different lineages, highs, flavors, etc. It was truly HEAVEN.

By ’99 or ’00 I was really rocking it. Killer strains from seeds, MH and HPS 1000W lights, hydro and soil – what could be better? And then I discovered clones!

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I was fortunate enough to acquire the “Katsu” cut of Bubba Kush in ’01 and promptly shared it with everyone on the forums. It was the best weed I had ever had – high, flavor, everything. I wasn’t trading it or selling it, I was giving it away because EVERYONE should enjoy it’s awesomeness, even if you live in bumfuck Idaho with shit laws and no neighbors. So off it went.
Everywhere. All over the US, Canada, even to Europe!

And then…then the REAL magic started to happen. I started getting cuts back – a favorite strain from the dude in bumfuck Idaho, the hot strain from NYC or San Diego, a hoarded cut from Kentucky… It was unbelievable. At one point, I was trying to manage over 40 elites.

Flash forward a couple of years later – personal circumstances change and I was unable to grow for a while. When I decided the time is right again, guess what – hookup city. In no time I was off to the races with all of my favorite cuts from the past along with some more recent goodness. I knows people’s natural inclination is to “protect what’s theirs” but I always felt like the more I gave, the more I got back.

I would like to dedicate this launch to all of the friends I have made over the last 20 years because of this special plant, and to all the friends I hope to make over the NEXT 20 years. Share the love, people.

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